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Samzuga Merchant Pay: A Fast and Reliable App for Zuga Coin Transactions - Download for Android

What is Samzuga Merchant Wallet?

Samzuga Merchant Wallet is a mobile app that allows users to store, send, receive, swap, and spend Zugacoin, Africa's most sought after cryptocurrency. Zugacoin, founded by Archbishop Sam Zuga, is a digital currency that aims to empower Africans and eradicate poverty. Samzuga Merchant Wallet is designed to facilitate Zugacoin transactions and provide security, convenience, and accessibility for users.

Why do you need Samzuga Merchant Wallet?

Samzuga Merchant Wallet is more than just a wallet. It is a platform that connects Zugacoin holders with merchants, vendors, and service providers who accept Zugacoin as a mode of payment. With Samzuga Merchant Wallet, you can use your Zugacoin to buy and sell goods and services, such as groceries, clothing, electronics, airtime, data, education, health care, transportation, and more. You can also withdraw your Zugacoin in cash or exchange it for other currencies at any Samzuga Family House (office) near you.

samzuga merchant wallet download

Samzuga Merchant Wallet also offers security features such as E-PIN, biometric verification, and physical identification to protect your wallet from fraudsters and hackers. You can also access customer support and technical assistance from the Samzuga support team anytime you need help.

How to download and install Samzuga Merchant Wallet?

Downloading and installing Samzuga Merchant Wallet is easy and fast. You can follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of Samzuga at or search for "Samzuga" on Google Play Store.

  • Click on the "Download App" button or the "Install" button on the Google Play Store page.

  • Wait for the app to download and install on your device.

  • Open the app and agree to the terms and conditions.

How to sign up for Samzuga Merchant Wallet?

To sign up for Samzuga Merchant Wallet, you need to create an account on the app. You will need the following details:

  • Your full name

  • Your email address

  • Your phone number

  • Your password

Enter these details on the sign up page and click on "Create Account". You will receive a confirmation email with a verification code. Enter the code on the app and click on "Verify". Your account is now ready.

How to transfer Zugacoin from old wallet to new wallet?

If you If you have Zugacoin in your old wallet, you can transfer it to your new Samzuga Merchant Wallet easily. You just need to follow these steps:

  • Open your old wallet and copy your Zugacoin address.

  • Open your Samzuga Merchant Wallet and click on "Receive".

  • Paste your Zugacoin address and click on "Generate QR Code".

  • Scan the QR code with your old wallet and enter the amount of Zugacoin you want to transfer.

  • Confirm the transaction and wait for it to be processed.

You will receive a notification on your Samzuga Merchant Wallet when the transfer is completed. You can check your balance and transaction history on the app.

How to swap Zugacoin ERC20 to Green Zugacoin?

Zugacoin ERC20 is the old version of Zugacoin that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Green Zugacoin is the new version of Zugacoin that runs on its own blockchain. To enjoy the full benefits of Samzuga Merchant Wallet, you need to swap your Zugacoin ERC20 to Green Zugacoin. You can do this on the app by following these steps:

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  • Open your Samzuga Merchant Wallet and click on "Swap".

  • Select "Zugacoin ERC20" as the source currency and "Green Zugacoin" as the destination currency.

  • Enter the amount of Zugacoin ERC20 you want to swap and click on "Swap Now".

  • Confirm the transaction and wait for it to be processed.