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Thomas Smith

By Jessie Penn-Lewis With Evan Roberts

oh boy did i read the bookyear 1994 and like one of the writers here also redirected from watchman nees normal chritian life.its hard to know what kind of war i have passed through...daily struggle with the spirits that had got into my way...paradoxixally through infilling of holy spirits and guidance from the likes of benny hinn in good morning holy least the miracles and slaying in the spirit that i could do have ceased.but i still hacve this confusion and manifestations and i am as much afraid of jesus as any spiritual entity.this has been a war that has no head and tail.... where not even the bible can be said to be accurate. many yeasr down the line... while acknowlding jpl "seemed" to have helped me... i can also trully say in truth her writings,that seem to work... are nowehere to be found din the it has been therapy combined with re activting the mind and generrally alot of wars evern with humans, as ai reclaimed my ability to say no... how sad and tedious and tiring, and confusing. but i have a day. i will be rrid of these things.even jesus.because he seemed to have been part of the problem.yes i know jessie is talking about him.its that i cannot guarantee what she says is her other books send me shivers.very sorry for that.that has been the power of whatever it was that was attacking me... and now i see quite some other pple.may all find their liberty from this strange ailment called passivity.grateful jpl reader.

by Jessie Penn-Lewis with Evan Roberts

Jessie Penn-Lewis (1861-1927) was an evangelist and author from England. Evan Roberts, who was instrumental in the Welsh revival in the early 1900s, stayed with Mrs. Penn-Lewis and her husband, William, for a time. Mrs. Penn-Lewis had been an eyewitness to the revival. Her book "War on the Saints" (now titled "Secrets of Spiritual Warfare"), which Roberts contributed to, was written to counter what she perceived as the excesses of the revival and the deceptions of Satan at work to prevent the true work of God in awakening. "War on the Saints" is considered a textbook on spiritual warfare by many Christians. Mrs. Penn-Lewis also established and edited the periodical "The Overcomer.

The Church of Jesus Christ today is in dire need of men and women who will use the gifts of the Spirit and exercise spiritual authority over demons. Two experienced Christians, both with keen discernment of spirits, wrote the most helpful book on the subject, War on the Saints. Jessie Penn-Lewis had a wide public ministry with an emphasis on overcoming. Evan Roberts, the chief evangelist of the Welsh revival, joined Mrs. Penn-Lewis in writing this penetrating study. 041b061a72


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