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Commandos 2 HD Remaster-GOG

Take control of an elite group of commandos who must venture deep into enemy territory and utilize their combined expertise to complete a series of notoriously demanding missions set in World War II. Go covert into various environments based on authentic World War II locations and lead your team of commandos against overwhelming odds, operate covertly and turn the tide of war.

Commandos 2 HD Remaster-GOG

Download Zip:

* All new 3D engine: rotate the environment 360, move seamlessly in/out of buildings, submarines, planes and under water, and zoom in/out of the environments* Interact like never before with the environment: steal enemy uniforms and weapons, climb poles, swing cables, swim, utilize vehicles, and climb in/out of buildings* Control nine commandos: including a green beret, sniper, demolitions expert, seductress, thief, and even a dog* Innovative camera control: follow the action in various parts of the map simultaneously with multiple gameplay windows* Authentic WWII scenarios: 10 missions spanning 9 different environments in night and day with realistic weather effects* Multiplayer: Go to war in a cooperative multiplayer mode

No it Does not the files for the game are compiled diffrently in to one file not folders so using a installer for non remastered version or any mods at this time for that matter will not work with it but people are talking on revora fourms if you look up for updating their mods improving the game & even restoring cut content from the remaster once tools are their like the authors of the commandos 2 hd project stated.

The game places the player in command of a squad of commandos and various other Allied forces as they fight behind enemy lines to defeat the Axis. The action stretches from 1941 to 1945 and takes place on both the Western Front against the Germans and in the Pacific Theatre against the Japanese Empire .

Within the game you are given several of the 8 commandos for each mission, or sometimes all, to complete certain objectives. Depending on the individual commando's abilities they can each perform unique skills.

In certain missions, there are people willing to help your commandos, or who the commandos need to help. They generally are the US soldiers, the British Soldiers, or the Gurkhas. Sometimes when there are no troop based allies to help the player, there are sometimes single allies to assist the player with a specific objective.


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