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Photo Booth App For Mac

Our list is split into two sections: the first section is our 6 top picks for photo booth apps that deliver an actual photo booth experience for live events. The second part of our list takes a silly detour, covering the top 3 photo booth apps that are truly & purely just for fun.

Photo Booth App For Mac

We know this could be a dealbreaker for professional photographers. However, for anyone who wants a turnkey iPad photo booth that is reliable and effective, we think Simple Booth HALO is the perfect fit.

Another highlight of our premium photo booth app is its extremely affordable entry-level pricing. Simple Booth starts at just $29 per month for unlimited use and offers additional plans to scale up for the needs of any sized business.

The app also offers a competition feature to incentivize photos. You can use it to create spin-the-wheel or scratch-off contests for guests to win prizes, adding extra layer of excitement to the photo experience.

Snappic offers advanced customization tools and filters to its customers, but it comes at a price. The two monthly pricing plans are Basic ($69) and Enterprise ($169) with no in-betweens. Alternatively, you can pay per event for $19 and $69, respectively. Only the enterprise plan offers all the advanced video photo booth features.

All the settings are in the app instead of on the web, which means if you show up to an event and have no WiFi to download an event from the cloud, you can still make things work on the fly. This app can still sync your event settings and templates to other iPads/iPhones that you run it on, and it will operate and queue any unsent photos until it can connect again to the internet.

The app also comes with an online gallery feature. It can upload media to fotoShare Cloud and creates an online gallery for your event. Unlike the photo booth settings, you can only access gallery settings through a web browser.

One thing to consider before buying into the Salsa Booth ecosystem is whether or not there are already Salsa Booths in your home market, since it can be harder to differentiate your business if everyone else is offering the same style booth.

This new photo booth app has begun to grow a following for its intuitive interface and innovative features. For example, the SceneSelect mode allows your guests to take pictures in front of a green screen, remove the background, and choose their preferred background after taking their images.

This photo booth app for iPad has a modest set of features. As expected, it enables you to watermark all the images with your logo and colors. Notably, it lacks creative filters, effects, digital props, and does not have any tools to build surveys or custom forms for participant data.

Priced at only $0.99, we consider PocketBooth pretty much free for the value it delivers. This photo booth application takes you back to the 1950s using its vintage photo strips, so you can create classic photo collages wherever you go!

You can use them to get retro-style images that look as if taken in an actual old-school photo booth. Since some users might find the options limited, the app offers in-app purchases to get many more filters and styles.

Photo Booth is a software application for taking photos and videos with an iSight camera. It is published by Apple Inc. as part of macOS and iPadOS (on the iPad and iPad Mini available starting with the iPad 2).[1][2]

Photo Booth displays a preview showing the camera's view in real time. Thumbnails of saved photos and videos are displayed along the bottom of this window, obscuring the bottom of the video preview. These can be shown or played by clicking on the thumbnails.

After the picture is taken effects can be applied by clicking on the "Effects" button. Photo Booth has two sets of image effects that can be applied when taking a picture. The first set contains photographic filters similar to those in Adobe Photoshop; additional effects may be downloaded from websites. Another set allows replacing the background with a custom backdrop.

With iOS 16 and macOS 13 Ventura, you can get the most out of your iPhone not just as a webcam for Mac but also as a Photo Booth camera to snap stunning shots. So, if you are disappointed with the below-par camera of your Mac, there is finally a way to take full advantage of the much higher resolution camera of your iPhone than the old-fashioned built-in cameras on Macs. Hence, you can shoot high-definition photos and videos for Photo Booth on Mac. Sounds exciting? Well, let me show you how to change the Photo Booth camera on Mac to iPhone Camera.

Creating the most mind-blowing 360 photo booth experiences, start right here! The Touchpix app is a unicorn in the world of 360 photo booth spinners. Our revolutionary platform makes it super simple to switch between using a GoPro camera, iPhone, or iPad to produce the most dynamic, most stunning 360 photo booth images and videos.

Touchpix is the best 360 photo booth and video booth software app solution for event professionals. Our easy-to-use mobile app makes it super simple for rental companies to enjoy 360 spinning with just the push of a button.

Ready to get started? Great! When you download the Touchpix 360 photo booth app choose from one of our three package plans and start activating unlimited events. Payments are charged directly to your Apple Account at confirmation of purchase, and you can cancel at any time.#text-1301942072 text-align: center;Weekly Professional$50Weekly subscriptionUnlimited event activationsUse on an unlimited number of devices (using the same Apple account)Monthly Professional$140Monthly subscriptionUnlimited event activationsUse on an unlimited number of devices (using the same Apple account)Yearly professional$999Yearly subscriptionUnlimited event activationsUse on an unlimited number of devices (using the same Apple account)Touchpix Was Designed To Make Events Exciting!#text-327564607 text-align: center;Download Touchpix App#section_259259855 padding-top: 20px; padding-bottom: 20px; min-height: 301px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);#section_259259855 .ux-shape-divider--top svg height: 150px; --divider-top-width: 100%;#section_259259855 .ux-shape-divider--bottom svg height: 150px; --divider-width: 100%;Training videos about our spinner 360 software!Do you have any questions about our 360 photo booth app? Contact us and watch our training videos.

Touchpix supports a lot of external cameras. You can use the GoPro 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and control them directly from the Touchpix 360 photo booth app. You can control a Canon camera wired to an iPhone or iPad and record slow motion videos.

Photo Booth is a picture-taking app that comes preloaded on all Macs and is not an ordinary picture-taking app for capturing photos. The app allows you to take funny pictures with the loaded effects such as converting your face into a chipmunk.

It is amazing! The easiest, most creative photo booth software ever. User friendly beyond belief, and it allows endless options with templates, screens, etc. There won't be frustrating hours trying to run it, because there are clear video instructions that Darkroom Booth provides.

Five Stars indeed because it is absolutely the best photo booth software. I am getting ready to start my photo booth business soon. I did some online research and read many reviews about photo booth software. I narrowed it down to a handful of five of the leading brand and downloaded their trial version. For the next thirty days, which is what the trial version allows, I tested each one and considered its features, ease of use, layout, versatility, design, price, etc. Darkroom Booth 2 easily came out on top. I purchased it and have been testing for over two months now. I want to be familiar with all aspects of the software before I start my business. FYI, I am using DRB2 on a Lenovo T420 laptop with WIN 10 Pro. With DRB2, I've easily made from scratch new print templates with a variety of backgrounds, graphics, colors, logos, fonts, and so forth. I had a similar experience with making new booth screens. Adding sound clips, voices, music, buttons for touchscreen, etc was done with relative ease. I can fully customize booth screens and print templates. Test prints looked good too. As expected, I had to make minor alignment adjustments in the printer software to properly fit the print on 4x6 media. This took some trial and error but once it's set, you're good to go. For self-activated booth sessions, the touchscreen buttons on a booth screen and a USB button connected to my computer both worked responsively and flawlessly. With my Canon DSLR camera, I am able to use the live view feature, which I highly recommend. I did encounter an problem with live view disappearing from the booth screen that I couldn't figure out. I contacted support via email and received a response from Amy that same day. The first remedy did not fix the problem so I sent another email. Again, Amy responded quickly and the issue was fixed. There are many other features on DRB2 that I haven't explored yet such as green screen, video, activating lighting, and more. All in all, I know I'd made the right decision to go with DRB2 and I am confident it will work as expected when at my client's venue.

I jumped into photo booth business last October for the first time, and I can't believe how user friendly and stable Darkroom Booth is to use. I can create photo prototypes simply and in little time. I love it!

First, allow me thank you for allowing me to be a part of this process of making Darkroom better for all Users. I think you may already know that there is no stronger advocate out there for "Darkroom Products" than myself. I'm a firm believer of the power of Darkroom.I tell you, Darkroom Software changed my life, (back when I first saw it on an event photographer's computer screen). I went home years ago and Googled "ExpressDigital" and the rest is history. Darkroom has allowed me to do more things in my life thank I could without it, to help others grow, to be part of something larger than myself.Again, thank you for allowing me to be part of the process.Cheers....


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