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  • Confused by the number of systems on offer? call or email us to discuss your requirements and let us help you in making the best choiceCall 0113 8343722 Monday - Friday 9am-5pm or email X Categories

  • HD CCTVHD DVRs4 Channel DVRs

  • 8 Channel DVRs

  • 16 Channel DVRs

  • 32 Channel DVRs

  • HD CamerasHD Turret Camera

  • HD Dome Camera

  • HD Bullet Camera

  • HD PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) & Fisheye

  • HD ColorVu Cameras

  • Power over CoaxPOC DVRs 2MP & 5MP

  • POC Cameras 2MP & 5MP

  • POC ColorVu Cameras

  • HD AccessoriesHD Camera Brackets

  • HD PTZ Controllers

  • DVR Cabinets

HD CCTV systems are ideal where budget is key, they are low cost, high definition solutions, costing much less than their IP counterparts and offer great value for money. See our new Securicam 8MP 4K cameras for budget friendly, great quality security.

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Resolution - While buying, ensure that the camera has a reasonably high resolution. Otherwise, you'll get pixelated or unclear images, which might not serve the purpose of having a cctvcamera at home at all. A 1080p resolution camera is a suitable option in most cases.

CP Plus CCTV Cameras - CP Plus wireless cctv cameras for home come with high atmospheric resistance. They function seamlessly in extreme weather conditions and ensure that security is maintained. These cameras also support advanced features like Wifi support, two-way audio, and intelligent motion alerts. 041b061a72


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