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Where To Buy Nail Art Supplies

Lina knows her stuff! As a former professional salon owner and certified nail tech, Lina enjoys making unique nail designs, and seeking out the latest and greatest products to help her do so. As a long time nail blogger, Lina found that she couldn't find quite what she needed to meet her own artistic needs and tastes in designs, colors and nail products, so she began to create her own -- Lina's Nail Art Supplies was born..

where to buy nail art supplies


Lina's commitment is to offer high quality products that are designed to meet the needs of all nail art enthusiasts. Whether you are already in the nail art world or just starting out there is something for you in the Lina Nail Art plate collection.

An absolute must have nail art decoration. Choose from our massive range of fine nail glitters. Whatever your style we have a fine glitter for you choose from holographic, metallic, Neon or Candy fine glitters. Starting from only 99p for 5 grams.

A massive part of any nail art supplies collection flatback rhinestones. We have 10 stunning Ab flatback rhinestone colours to choose from. These versatile nail art embellishments can be added to so many nail design and are suitable for all nail sizes.

A great way to introduce yourself to nail transfer foils. Our metallic and glitter nail foils are easy to use and can help create exciting and unique designs with little effort. Choose from metallic, glitter or shatter effect in a range of colours.

Here at Charlie's Nail Art we have a passion for fun and unique nail art charms and embellishments. We have a wide range of metal nail embellishments, resin nail charms and 3D nail art bows to choose from all at low prices.

Having quality nail art supplies can make the difference between a good salon and a great salon; that leaves customers happy and impressed with their designs! Make sure your salon is the latter, and get your professional nail art supplies from NSI Nails. Easy to buy, our online store stocks a huge range of nail art supplies and we deliver all across Australia. So, no matter where you are, you can get the supplies you need.

We take our stance on vegan & cruelty-free products very seriously and pride ourselves on providing all of our customers with professional nail supplies that come in eco-conscious packaging. The environment is a huge priority for us here at NSI Nails, just as all of our customers are, so now you can buy nail art supplies from our online collection and know that you are doing something good for the earth and for yourself.

Cost-effective and easy to buy online with AfterPay and Australia-wide delivery, getting professional nail art supplies for your store or just your personal collection from NSI Nails is the way to go.

One of the biggest nail trends in recent years has been nail art design, with customers and DIY at-home nail artists opting for rhinestones, crystals, charms, stickers, foils and other decorations to bring a unique aesthetic to their manicure.

At NSI Nails Australia, we take our stance on producing environmentally-friendly products very seriously and pride ourselves on supplying vegan and cruelty-free nail art supplies for our wonderful customers. Shop mindfully, knowing your purchases are helping to reduce harmful impacts on the earth with our eco-conscious products and packaging. The environment is a huge priority for us here at NSI Nails Australia, and now you can buy nail art supplies from our online collection and know that you are doing something good for the planet and for yourself.

Their prices on their products are unbeatable and their shipping was amazing!!! When there was an issue with my product they got in touch with me right away to let me know that it was out of stock and if I wanted a refund or an exchange. I will absolutely use them in the future for all of my nail care needs.

I started this business without knowing or expecting it to go where it has gone. I want to express my deepest gratitude to each one of you for your love, support, and business. Thank you for believing in my brand. I am beyond grateful and appreciate the trust you have put in us to meet your needs in this nail industry.

At Winstonia, we believe the importance in expressing and celebrating yourself through creativity way - nail art. We offer nail art supplies and accessories that are innovative with the finest quality. Our products range from finest nail art brushes - whether it is striping brush, detailer brush, acrylic nail brush or gel nail brush, we have it all available.

Aside from that, our designers strike to bring you the cutest nail stamping plate designs. Our nail art image plates are available in bundle set or individual plate for your shopping convenience. Each plate comes with wide selection of theme, from Summer to Winter or Halloween to Christmas holiday, we got you all covered!

Marble nails are a popular choice when it comes to nail art. There are so many ways to rock marble nail art in 2021, whether you want it to make a subtle or bold statement. Think marble accent nails as a subtle approach to marble nails or go ultra-luxe with a full set of marble nails.

To do marble nail art on dip nails, use the SNS Dolo Marble Kit. It comes complete with 10 marble inks for you and endless combinations. Easy to use for all skill levels and creates professional looking results with just a few swipes.

Yes, you can do nail art on SNS nails. With a dip powder base you can enjoy your nails for over 3 weeks. For gel nail art on SNS nails, finish your SNS dip powder base application. Then use a gel polish base coat and a gel polish top coat for the gel nail art designs.

SNS Nails provides a wide range of supplies perfect for any nail art amateurs. We deliver Australia wide and offer free delivery on orders over $150 when you buy online. You can contact us during open hours should you have any questions regarding our product ranges.

Created for those who think outside the box! From nail techs to nail lovers Glam Goodiez is here for YOU!! As a nail artist and lover of nailsI started this bring to you all exactly what I was looking for in the nail industry without all the hoops to jump through. Quality sourced and quality made products for the most discerning. I hope you enjoy!

Glam Goodiez is the baby of Glam Nailz by Chloe. As a 18 year nail veteran who has traveled the world learning and educating she was looking for a way to bring more to her audience. She enjoys designing person on nails, airbrush nail stencils an educating nail artist!

Apres Gel-X is the world's first and only soft gel nail extension system! Fast and easy to apply, Gel-X nail tips and extend gel are manufactured from cutting edge soft gel formulas for convenient soak off capabilities. No filing needed, no dust, no odor, and no damage to natural nails! Try Gel-X as an alternative to traditional acrylic nails or hard gel extensions.

Home of the original Unicorn Cuticle Oil and genuine Swarovski crystals and pendants. Your one-stop shop for all nail embellishments, tools and accessories! Afterypay & Zippay is available on all purchases, FREE shipping on all orders over $100.

Unicorn Lab was created as a way to share gorgeous and ultra glamorous nail art supplies. What began as a dedicated Swarovski retailer has since become a magical place for all things that shine with pride.

Our DIY craft kits and activity sets allow kids to do beauty makeovers and create trendy jewelry, fashions and art to wear or display. Items include friendship bracelets, gem jewelry, tie dye, nail kits and spa and much more!

The most brilliant nail trend of the 2016 fall/winter season lights up your life with gleaming chrome effects and makes your nails shine bright like the autumn Sun. ChroMirror Chrome Pigment Powders are available in a wide range of breathtaking mirror-effect colorways: Silver, Gold, Fine Silver, Chameleon-, Shiny Pearl-, and Multi Pearl-variations, and last not least the iridescent Holo.The shade or color you get depends on the base you apply ChroMirror Chrome Pigment Powder on. This innovative feature is at its most spectacular when using the Chameleon pigment powders.ChroMirror is easy to use, all you need to do is massage the powder onto a no-cleansing surface - Royal Gel, ONE STEP CrystaLac, 0/clear ONE STEP CrystaLac, Super Shine Optic, Xtreme Top Shine -, cure it for about a minute, rub it, then top it off with a layer of shine gel. To get perfect adhesion, use Acid-Free Primer, and apply 2 layers of Easy Top Off Gel.

YING has been in the nail industry since 2010, and was formerly an MOE educator. She is the Art Director of The Nail Artelier, one of Singapore's premier nail art salons, and her work for international brands and salons has taken her to countries like USA and Japan. Apart from being an award-winning nailist, she has also obtained the highest grade of all JNEC Nailist Certification Exams and JNA Gel Nail Exams, and is Singapore's leading PREGEL Japan Educator, churning out original artworks with her signature creative yet wearable style.

ELLY has been in the nail industry since 2013, specialising in Japanese style nail art and nail care techniques such as Japanese cuticle care and electric drill manicure. Her quest for excellence has led her to pursue various nail licenses in Japan. She possesses the highest grade of the JNEC Nailist Certification Exams, and is also a licensed PREGEL Japan Educator.

SHINING has been in the nail industry since 2008, specialising in Japanese style nail art and techniques, particularly cartoon and anime art. She has developed her own unique artistic style and is known for her dreamy, soft cartoon creations and cute designs. Apart from freehand nail art, she also creates embossed and 3D acrylic designs in beautiful detail and perfect proportions. 041b061a72


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