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Thomas Smith

Building Your Own Illusions, The Complete Video Course By Gerry Frenette

  • First TIME in MAGIC history!No professional builder has ever shared his SECRET techniques...UNTIL NOW! This 6 DVD set is a complete course in Illusion Building. Everything is explained in detail from expert Illusion builder Gerry Frenette! ALL of the information you need to know in order to build your own Illusions and box effects! How to do everything from driving a screw to advanced building techniques in mechanics and engineering

  • How to get a great paint finish without spray equipment

  • How to build illusions right in your home (in a small space)

  • Complete video instructions building 3 illusion projects

  • Dozens of tips, ideas and techniques using proven, stage-tested measurements

  • What materials and tools to use

  • How to make your illusion as deceptive as possible

  • Everything you need to make SMALL stage props as well

5 DVD's packed full of information, plus a 6th BONUS data disc containing drawings, blueprints, documents, and photos! Disc 1 Running Time Approximately: 2 hr 37 minDisc 2 Running Time Approximately: 2 hr 34 minDisc 3 Running Time Approximately: 2 hr 38 minDisc 4 Running Time Approximately: 2 hr 26 minDisc 5 Running Time Approximately: 2 hr 46 minDisc 6 Contains Data and BlueprintsWhat will YOU create?"All of the stuff you NEED to know if you want to make an illusion that looks great. Highly recommended."- Paul Daniels, England "Gerry Frenette's course is, without question, the best buy ever offered to magicians who are both performers and prop builders."- Dick Gustafson, USA "Whether you are a magic hobbyist, amateur, semi pro or professional entertainer, this mammoth video course is a MUST HAVE for your library."- Hans Zahn, Canada

Building Your Own Illusions, The Complete Video Course By Gerry Frenette


'Building Your Own Illusions Part 2' by Gerry Frenette, Magic Makers Inc. Canada Part I of the course contains much needed information about tools, materials, and building techniques with some hands-on experience. After laying this foundation, Part II focuses much more on building! You will learn how to construct: Asrah Levitation; Backstage with the Magician; Shadow Box; Dekolta Chair Vanish; Head Chopper; an original illusion called the Photo Booth; a deceptive base and stairs combo; a clever table design; plus an ATA flight case. You will gain knowledge to help you build anything else you may design. 5 DVD's packed full with information, plus a 6th bonus data disc containing drawings, blueprints, documents, and photos. Here is what reviewers said about Part I of this course: "It may become of equal historical importance to Illusionists as the classic Tarbell Course is to general magic. Highly recommended."- THE LINKING RING "A must have."- MAGIC "Get out your credit cards!"- GENII "Most useful product for builders of any type, as well as anyone who wants to learn more about illusions."- MUM


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