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Matthew King
Matthew King

Felipe Gordon - Take It Away 2021

"We had a lot of negativity. We have had a good game today but the final is the prize, once you have got a trophy you can't take that away, we need to knuckle down in the next few weeks and see where we are in the bigger picture. We just need to keep doing that each week, whether in training or in a game, but we are happy we have the opportunity of playing in a final."

Felipe Gordon - Take It Away

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"I thought when Brian's try went in we still had time to pull something off. But as time faded away it was just tough to be out there at that stage, 21 points down, we were still making silly mistakes and they were getting massive energy and lift from our errors. We didn't expect to play that badly. Best of luck to them, they were excellent. They were outstanding, we have to hold our hands up, no excuses." 041b061a72


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