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Knockout Tagalog Version Full Movie [TOP]

After the third round, as Ippo apologised, Kamogawa claimed that he condemns him for his courage and that since Ippo couldn't touch Wally when he did his best, that means that they have to accept that he is in a different league. Kamogawa advised for Ippo to hit Wally whenever he dives in rather than blocking. After the fourth round, Kamogawa noticed that Ippo was smiling as he came to the corner as Ippo told him that he managed to touch Wally. Seeing that Ippo is focused, Kamogawa ordered him to touch Wally five times as his next goal and then hit him hard. After the fifth round where Ippo successfully touched Wally five times, Kamogawa informed hi that his next goal would be to touch him six times. During the sixth round, Yagi asked Kamogawa what Ippo should do, however, Kamogawa had no answer but is bracing himself to stop the match if Ippo goes down. After the sixth round, Kamogawa told him that the goal to touch him a number of times is over, instructing Ippo to only throw punches that will take him down. During the seventh round. Kamogawa noticed Wally having trouble jumping around. Yagi wondered why, but Kamogawa did not know. After the seventh round, Kamogawa figured out that the body blows Ippo tapped him with were the reason Wally is having trouble all of a sudden. When Ippo asked Kamogawa for the next goal, Kamogawa told him that the next goal is to take him down. Ippo defeated Wally by knockout in the eighth round.

Knockout Tagalog Version Full Movie


On the day of the first round of Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki's Class A Tournament, Kamogawa arrived to the Kōrakuen Hall to be one of their seconds. Kamogawa was one of Itagaki's seconds as his match against Karasawa began. During the second round as Itagaki was in a pinch, Kamogawa asked Shinoda if he is going to say anything to Itagaki, however, Shinoda mentioned that he is prioritising the experience he will gain from the fight. As Itagaki began to take the lead in the second round, Kamogawa asked Shinoda if he knew it would happen. Shinoda noted that he did not know it would happen, but hoped his advice would, as his full potential is unleashed when he is relaxed and stays focused. After Itagaki defeated Karasawa in the second round by knockout, Kamogawa was one of Aoki and Kimura's seconds in their match against Jackal Itō and Ryūzaki Takeshi respectively, where Aoki and Kimura win by decision. Kamogawa congratulated Shinoda for his win as their chief second. Kamogawa watched the match between former JBC lightweight champion Katsutaka Imae and Iga Shinobu which decides who Aoki would be fighting in the Class A Tournament finals. After Iga's effortless victory against Imae, Kamogawa explained to the gym members how Iga has recently switched trainers which may have resulted in a change from only decision wins to a string of knockout wins.

The next day when Ippo's eighth JBC featherweight title defence match against Kojima and Takamura's fourth WBC middleweight title defence match against Rabbitson arrived, Kamogawa went to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan. Kamogawa arrived to the ring to be Ippo's chief second and, when the match was about to begin, Kamogawa tried to give him advice, but Ippo would not listen as he was focused. During the first round, Kamogawa was puzzled after seeing Ippo start the match in a wide stance that he never taught him. After a minute and a half passed with neither fighter moving, Kamogawa figured that Ippo must be building up strength for a punch with his full weight behind it. The match ended in one round after Ippo defeated Kojima with a one hit knockout. In the venue's waiting room, Kamogawa was grinning since he heard from Itagaki about how Ippo was angry after Kojima insulted him. He criticised Ippo for his victory since all he did was punch a man he was angry at, which was not something that he taught him. As Takamura's fourth WBC middleweight title defence was about to begin, Kamogawa arrived to the ring to be his chief second. He scolded Takamura for wearing a poorly painted panda outfit to the ring. After Takamura won by a one punch knockout in the final twelfth round, Kamogawa wanted to scold him and Ippo, however, he delayed the scolding as Takamura left and he was tired.

The next day, Kamogawa requested for Ippo to come into his office. When Ippo arrived, Kamogawa lectured that the fists and legs he gave him were for boxing, and in the six years he has trained him, he never taught him pure violence. He added that there is more to boxing than winning a match, and that if the principles are corrupted, he may as well have lost. Kamogawa noticed Ippo showing signs of a fever and requested for Itagaki to take him home. Later, Kamogawa and Yagi watched Mari interview Ippo about his match with Kojima. Afterwards, Kamogawa was glad to hear Ippo claim that his training never betrays him. Kamogawa noted that his match with Kojima confirmed that some of the something he planted in Ippo took root. When Yagi thought he is talking about the destructive power shown in the knockout, Kamogawa mentioned that he meant before the knockout where Ippo used one leg to support his weight and his big toe to regain footing and from that position his strong lower body allowed him to throw a full swing due to the seeds he planted in him. Kamogawa believed that while the world may view Ippo as a no name fighter, the weapon he is building will make the world have to notice if it shapes up well, contemplating that the time for the seal to come off may be soon.

Boxing is a combat sport where two athletes battle each other in the ring using punches. To simplify the object of boxing, the goal is to hit your opponent and avoid getting hit yourself. Another way to look at the objective of the sport is to knock out your opponent before they knock you out. Boxers will earn a point advantage from the judges for dominating a round by successfully striking their opponent more than the opponent was able to strike them, or for knocking down the opposing fighter. A complete knockout or TKO (technical knockout) automatically ends the fight.


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