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Thomas Smith

The Ultimate Guide to Boeing 737-300 500 CBT - Lufthansa Full Version

during initial testing, boeing discovered a problem with the rudder; this was corrected with revised wiring. in the finished product, the rudder is geared to the tail wheel rather than directly connected to the wheel itself. hence, it is not suitable for left hand operations.

Boeing 737-300 500 CBT - Lufthansa Full Version

boeing selected the cfm international cfm56-3b-1 engines on the 737-800, improving engine thrust by 30%. by fitting a larger integrated hydraulic system and ejection seat, the aft fuselage payload has increased by 18 tons from 2,150 to 2,368. it has a mtow of 139,500 lb and is equipped with pratt & whitney canada pw127 engines. the plane has an 85% contour wing. the point of maximum aerodynamic lift is at 22.8 above the mean aerodynamic chord. the engines are mounted between the top and bottom wing.

the double-bubble landing gear of the type were the work of andrew de seversky, the designer of the lockheed x-101. the aerodynamics of the landing gear were derived from an antonov an-225. the possibility of embedding the systems in the wing means that the outer section of the strut is not part of the wing structure. that allows the wingspan of the boeing 737-800 to be six feet longer than that of the boeing 737-700 without increasing the overall length or width.

having studied the aircraft industry for over 40 years, boeing was ahead of the game, with plans to design the first 200 to be built not long after the start of production. boeing would not have the luxury of creating the first plane in the series, with british aerospace (bae) initially receiving orders for the bt-100.


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