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Matthew King
Matthew King


AlternativesMixed-ensemble libraries from companies like Spitfire and Project Sam are very popular at the moment, but for true flexibility, access to individual string sections is so much better.


This was inspired by great cinematic composers and their distinctive techniques to make an orchestra or string ensemble sound as innovative as possible. Raw Strings combines orchestral instruments, dazzling effects, and a comprehensive sampling technique to bring a new and fresh sound to your next production. Creating string textures, for instance, is very easy, and you can instantly create your own soundscape, just the way you want to.

This range of orchestral patches covers most of the standard instruments and articulations of a smaller, more intimate sounding orchestra. Designed for students and hobbyists, the original samples are part of the VSCO2 Community edition but have now been scripted for the full version of Kontakt to include legato, round robins and dynamics via the modwheel. Weighing in at just over a gigabyte in size, the samples cover strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion and even two pianos and a church organ. These are all available as separate patches but there are also clever multis which group the instruments into ensembles for easy chord, arpeggio and tutti playing. The bonus harp instrument is a heavenly addition to this fully-featured orchestral package.

Brass and strings ensemble is an kontakt instrumentaka Symphony series collection its an orchestra set like that.We only included 2 of them and its brass and stringsand we made into an soundfont version on itbecause why not...


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