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Kitchendraw 6 Recharge Hours High Quality

The 20 free hours of use for testing and training at KitchenDraw are recharged automatically from the web site when you first launch KitchenDraw. For this recharge to happen it is necessary that the computer that runs KitchenDraw is connected to the Internet and no firewall or proxy prevents KitchenDraw from accessing the web site.

Kitchendraw 6 Recharge Hours

If you have not received your 20 hours of use free despite being connected to the Internet please send your most recent LOG file. LOG files have names like KEYyymm.LOG and are located in the scenes directory which by default is C: \ SCENES.

Between 5 and 10 hours are necessary to follow the tutorial present in the On line Training section of this site. After only ten project files, you will notice marked productivity gains. After a score of project files, you will be a KitchenDraw addict !

When your time account is empty, KitchenDraw disables any access to its planning functions. However, you can still open your project files, view them and print them. Of course you can still access the dialog box enabling you to recharge hours. To reach this dialog box, choose the Recharge hours of use command in the ? menu.

KitchenDraw is the kind of software any company dedicated to sell kitchens should have or even better if you have in mind the change of your kitchen and want to simulate a new one with furniture, decoration, colors, texture, etc. This is what do you need. You will know how to run this program carefully, because it has a lot of features available for us, you can also view the demo program in its main site so you can figure out how to work properly with this program. Companies dedicated to build and sell kitchens, bathrooms projects and so on, will appreciate this program because it has the option to make their price list or update prices and reconstruct projects with these new prices and send these changes to its customers and a very easy way; they can make also an estimate project with the exact measures of the room, furniture, etc. It has different views available i.e. wireframe elevation, realistic elevation, wireframe perspective, realistic perspective, quick photorealistic perspective and final photorealistic perspective; each view is completely different and very easy to understand, modify or end completely the project. KitchenDraw also helps to confirm by writing your project, including prices and the respective layout, this is done because it has a link with Microsoft Word and when this action is need it, you will be able to run the macro file to generate all these important technical documents for your customer. This software is free of charge and you can use it per a period of 30 hours without paying anything, but when this period ends you have to recharge per hour the use of this program. This recharge will be done in euro currency.


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