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Interspire Shopping Cart €? Add A Brands Drop-Down Menu _VERIFIED_

We really love Squirrelcart! We have done hours of research, testing and comparison on many available shopping cart solutions out there. We believe nothing comes close to Squirrelcart's features. Thanks Squirrelcart team!

Interspire Shopping Cart — Add a Brands Drop-Down Menu

I have used Squirrelcart for some years now and have always been very happy with a product that started well and keeps improving over the years. That says a lot in itself. But add that to the speed with which support at Squirrelcart deals with critical issues (of which I have only had one in all that time) and even fast support for non critical issues, and you have what you need in a cart. A great shopping cart with outstanding support. What more can you ask for.

There is no other way to say it. Squirrel Cart is fantastic for setting up products and services, along with great add-on modules to handle any application requirements. Hands down the best shopping cart on the market. And to top it off, Jamie's response to support issues is world class! His consisitent rapid response to my issues has been priceless. Thanks Jamie!

Really Like the shopping cart. Found it fairly easy to setup and match the graphics to our landing pages. Their support system is superb as well. Quick answers that work. You can tell they care about you as a customer for the long run! I will prefer to use this cart at any future sites it can apply to!

Having made mistakes in the past of buying various shopping carts that could not handle the complexity of my website, I was so happy to find squirrelcart! This far...the best shopping cart out there. The help desk is also the best feature. Extremely helpful....thank-you so much!

As a provider of Merchant Services we have researched all available shopping carts and have determined that Squirrelcart was the best solution. We use it for our own site and will highly recommend it to our Merchants.

Squirrel cart is easy to use and the support has been excellent. Modifications to the supplied stock themes have been relatively easy to customize. The program is easy to navigate. In all it's great shopping cart!

Very versatile, easy to use. I like the fact that I can use different zip code origins in combination with calculation of real-time shipping rates. Easy integration with PayPal. I much preferred a one time charge for software compared to a monthly fee for a shopping cart that's owned by someone else.

Squirrelcart is AWESOME! After we figured out all the templates and how to change the look and feel of the default cart, this tool is just awesome. Thank you squirrel cart for making it so much easier for us to have a shopping cart on our site.

I own a Mobile Entertainment company based in Connecticut. We recently added photography packages to our resume. Photos for each event are sold online so we needed to have a shopping cart installed on our server. I have to say that Squirrel Cart is the best cart around. The people are great, the price is great and most of all I am able to manage my store front with just the click of a mouse! Keep up the good work.

Hi!My company just bought a copy of SquirrelCart, and I've been working with it, and I'd like to say that I'm quite impressed! Shopping carts are very complex systems to design, and to finish one successfully no doubt takes quite a bit of dedication and effort. I'm curious about how you went about it, how many developers were involved?Did you design the windows-like menu interface for the admin portion yourself, or did you borrow code? I must say that it's astoundingly authentic, detailed, responsive, and of course, useful.Do you have any other projects in the works? I'd be interested in hearing about them, as well.I understand that you're very busy, so please don't bother to reply unless you have spare time, and in any eventuality, please accept my commendation on a very well-designed product!Sincerely,-Kramer

This is a great piece of software and customer support is second to none.Once you have wandered through the source code that these chaps give you and learned how the cart hangs together, it is easy to make any customisation you like so that your cart has exactly the functionality you require.You can take this software with no PHP/mySQL knowledge and use it to become a shopping cart GURU within 3 months.

I opened my online store in 2007 with Squirrelcart. We chose Squirrelcart because It was easy to setup and I didn't have to pay a monthly fee to get started. Fast forward to now we are still using it to serve thousands of customers every year and our business has grown tremendously. The shopping cat is very flexible and it really allowed us to grow and expand our business and still maintain the platform we've grown to love over the years.Thanks guys! keep up the great work and awesome support.

Thanks so much Jamie for your prompt service and delivery. I am very impressed with the result you have achieved and would recommend your shopping cart and skills to whomever I can in the future.

I've switched shopping carts on my site a few times trying to find the perfect cart. I'm done switching! Squirrelcart gives me EVERYTHING I need and more. It's easy to use and the tech support is GREAT!

I have looked into over 15 shopping carts and finally found my winner at SquirrelCart. This system is super flexible and offers a great template system that makes integration very easy. I also give my five stars to the customer service. This is a company I love to work with.Thomas HeroldCEO Dream Manifesto

I have been using Squirrelcart for almost 3 years and I am extremely happy with their product. I began with Miva merchant and found it too difficult to use. Squirrelcart is easy to understand, has great documentation and has all the functions needed to run a small business. The program is easy to customize so that you can change the templates to get a custom look. I have had very few glitches in creating and running my website. When I did, the customer support has been exceptional. Without good customer support forget using any type of shopping cart software. I recommend Squirrelcart without hesitation.

Hi Jamie,I just wanted to write and give you a testimonial on Squirrel Cart. We've found Squirrel Cart to be one of the best software packages we've ever purchased. SC is easy to use, and easy to teach to others to administer. We are a family run business and it's important for me to have another in the family also be responsible for setting up product and categories within the cart. That responsibility fell to my 18 yr. old daughter who equally loves working with SC.The package is easy to modify and getting the real time rates to work was a snap!I just want to again thank you for your quick response to the two or three questions we've had from our presale evaluation to post-purchase. I will definitely recommend your shopping cart to anyone who is NOT a competitor of ours!Regards,Gary

I have used dozens of different shopping carts for the various sites that I have designed and I am very impressed with the capabilities of Squirrelcart.The layout of the script files make it very easy to customize the look of the site without interfering with the code at all.The administration section is also one of the cleanest that I have seen, however there are no loss of features. With so much available packaged into such a clean script, this is one shopping cart that I plan on using again and again.

Squirrelcart is by far the best shopping cart out there! I spent a long time looking at different carts - but squirrelcart was able to answer "yes" to all of my hasn't let me down! It's superb, couldn't reccomend it highly enough!

I have been using squirrelcart for over a year on two different stores and I am amazed at the versatility of this shopping cart solution. The cart is fully customizable and seems to be fairly novice user friendly. If you can not find something you would like the cart to be able to do, it comes with 90 days of tech support and a lifetime membership to the community forums. I have had no problem receiving responses to my customization or support questions (which is very important to me). I sell only one item on one cart and over a thousand on the other so you are covered either way. If you are looking for an easy to use fully functional right out of the box shopping cart this is the one for you.

Over the past 3 years we have downloaded and installed about 40 shopping carts. Out of which we literally had to buy at least 10 of them. This is an area that can make or break you when it comes to providing a good online solution. I have setup 3 squirrel cart systems now and have to say this one is #1 in our books compared to the others. Price is decent, support outstanding and the cart is designed in a manner that makes sense to use, install and importantly customize. This is a solid solution for anyone needing a cart. Rich McCabePresident Iowa Web Hosting

Until now I have always designed custom php shopping carts for my customers. Using my personal base program I created and customizing it for each customer. But I must say, since we took this project over we wanted to continue using what had been implemented(SquirrelCart) and I have been very impressed with it's capabilities and usability.

[A well known shopping cart] and all of these other major companies that are trying to get $500 to $1000 for a shopping cart should buy your company before too many people discover that they can get a better product for a fraction of the money.I've tested software for some of the biggest companies in the industry and this is one of the best applications that I have ever seen.Thanks...Brian

Great program... awesome support! After trying several other shopping carts with little or no support I really appreciate the help I've received in the support forums. In my role of web designer I like the ability to change the look feel of the cart to fit my site's design without worrying about messing up the PHP guts that run the cart. The list of improvements be worked on is impressive- I'm glad I bought squirrelcart!


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